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Who WE Are

The NSSC Group is a network of suppliers who are committed to deliver quality products for solar installations at high volume discounts. Customers can design, manage and plan their projects using dynamic tools and planning algorithms. The focus of the NSSC Group is to accelerate the adoption of solar installations by giving the small to medium size companies the benefits of lower costs. Our state of the art tools ensure that installations are planned, priced, managed and installed in a professional manner.

All the tools you need

Target Customers

There are many small and medium sized independent installers and integrators across the US market who would be prime targets for the NSSC Group. As a consortium the NSSC Group will actively pursue these potential customers by offering discounted pricing with no minimum purchase. By offering these discounts paired with the web portal this will attract many installers who want to grow and need these resources.


Who Qualifies?

Suppliers representing all products required for installation of a solar project will be considered for membership. No
more than two supplier of a specific product or component will be allowed as members. All suppliers’ applications will
be reviewed for consideration.


What does it cost?

There are no fees to become a supplier

One of the major advantages of the consortium is the ability to furnish all components required by the customer in a timely
manner. In order to achieve this objective, it will be necessary for the members to maintain a consignment stock of products
and blind ship to residential addresses. Title to this inventory remains with the individual suppliers who will have a right to
inspect and/or audit as they deem necessary. Inventory levels will generally be set as one month’s estimated sales and will
be adjusted as required based on ordering patterns by the customer.